Directorate-General War Victims

Directorate-General War Victims

Welcome on the new website of the “Directorate-General War Victims” of the Federal Public Service Social Security. In the left part of this new environment you will find a user-friendly and efficient menu that enables you to access the many pages of the English version of our site.

Under the heading “Frequently asked questions”

Here you can access the most frequently asked questions about invalidity pensions, national recognition statuses, benefits granted to victims of racial persecutions and about historical research.

Under the heading “Forms”

Here you will find several forms which enable you to claim your rights or to file an application for historical research. These forms are either documents (identified by « .doc ») that you print and send by normal mail or documents that you download, dynamically fill in and send by e-mail.

We hope that you will appreciate the visit of our site and that in doing so, you will get more information about the benefits granted to war victims. Should you have any comment or question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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